Many Russian couples today prefer to sign a prenuptial agreement before committing to a marriage. It is important to note that a prenup has its own merits and demerits. Also, it is also important to understand that the decision whether to agree on a prenup is entirely subjective; each couple and their circumstances are completely different and unique. These unique circumstances should be considered before coming up with a sound decision. Be certain to utilize the services of a San Diego Russian family attorney you can trust.

However, this write-up will look at a prenup from various dimensions before coming up with a conclusion. Is a prenup right for you?

Advantages to a Prenup

– Keeping an accurate record of each partner’s property for protection as a separate entity
– Avoiding court involvement in matters of divorce to distribute or allocate property and other assets
– Distinction between marital and communal property
– Detailed documentation of any special arrangements between spouses
– Avoiding time-consuming court sessions, which can be expensive in legal and divorce fees, as well as attorney fees
– Establishment of rules and procedures governing any issues that night arise after that
– Minimizing conflicts in the event of a divorce
Avoiding sharing debt liability accrued by a partner before marriage
– Can be uncomfortable when discussing issues involving debt, finance, and property
– Discussing property, finance, and debt can dull the relationship in one way or another
– Some estate laws may cover the issues of interest in a prenup, making it unnecessary for couples to discuss the matter
– A prenup does not cover child support and custody matters. Calculating child support can be left to the court to make the decision.
– Excludes important personal preferences such as the individual to assign specific house chores, what schools the children will attend, and where to go to for a holiday vacation.
– Prenups are solely meant to discuss financial matters only, and may not touch on any private domestic matter that may arise in the process.

Is a Prenup Right for You? How to Decide

With pros and cons in the palm of your hand, it is now time to make a decision. However, this is the time to look at your specific situation or circumstance carefully. To begin with, establish whether you possess/ own real estate. Secondly, determine whether your assets are worth more than $50, 000. Then, assess whether your annual income is more than $100, 000. Ownership of a business or part of it, having more than a year’s worth of pension or retirement benefits, and stock options or other employment benefits are also important factors to consider.

If any of the factors mentioned in the above paragraph refers to your situation, then a prenuptial agreement is something you would want to consider. While signing a prenuptial agreement or discussing it can be uncomfortable and unromantic for partners before marriage, it is important to discuss financial matters beforehand. It might reduce or kill the romance, but failing to do so is a disaster waiting to happen. Is a prenup right for you? Well, the answer is that it depends on with your situation. Speak with a family law attorney before making and critical decisions that may affect your future.

SEO Strategies


One of the most challenging aspects of owning a company is drawing the attention of new clients. Nowadays, the internet makes marking easier. Everyone goes directly to Google to find what they are looking.

If you are reading this, then you are looking at marking your contractor bond company online. Here are some pointers from CSLB bond – contractorbond.org, The key is to stand out from your competitors. Provide potential clients with that they are looking. In other words, you need to think like a client. Anybody that is seeking services, especially something as costly as a restoration, is going to do research.

Your website must have all the information and answer your client’s questions before they even have thought to ask them. Ensure that content is clear and to the point. Headings help speedy navigation to points of interest.

Stand out from the Competition

Make sure your details are all there should the client wish to contact you. Add photos of yourself and your team as potential clients fell more at ease if there is a face to fit the name.

In regards to the contract bond, highlight the value this has for the value. Remember to add that this is also referred to as a performance bond and that is in place to protect the client’s interests. Explain to them as to how money is placed upfront in an Escrow-type account that your company has no access to. This acts as a surety and type of insurance for the client.

If you do not perform the job as according to contract/specification or were unable to complete the project for whatever reason, your client can submit a claim. The calculated difference will then be reimbursed to the client by the insurance company if deemed as valid.

Unfortunately, there are many dishonest contractors who are willing to take the money knowing full well that they did not the complete task as stipulated. For example, was the house constructed in regards to the standard bylaws of construction? Can the client be assured that the contractor has done everything correctly and that his house won’t cave in on him and his family? The client will then have to pay additional funds over losses to take legal actions against the contractor if this happens.

With a contractor bond, he is protected. If you advertise your company that operates with contractors bonds from the get-go you are already showing your client that you are reliable. It also indicates that you are will take the necessary responsibility in the worst case scenario. Your client can trust you before any negotiations begin.

Ask previous clients to supply you with testimonials to support your integrity and good workmanship.

SEO Strategies

The 5 Most Successful SEO Strategies Of 2017

Trust is the fundamental pathway to Google’s meticulous ranking process. By understanding how you can gain Google’s trust and earn a place on the first page on the search engine, you have to gain it through proper SEO strategies. Use these strategies to direct your marketing decisions this 2017.  Effective SEO strategies will bring the right results.  You not only need to earn that coveted first page listing but you need to turn that into results for your bottom line.  Here are the 5 most successful SEO strategies of 2017.

1. Market Your Content

Market your web site on authority sites like Reddit, LinkedIn and others with high traffic on the web. Google continue to focus on your content and the traffic it can drive to your website and reach your target audience.  Working with high authority sites like those can bring you direct traffic and it demonstrates that your active in your niche.  Having back links from relevant high authority sites helps your rankings as well.

2. Boost Page Speed

Use boost page speed tools such as Google’s Page Speed. You can also use GTMetrix and Varvy’s Page Speed Tool to help you improve your site’s speed. Not technically savvy? You need the assistance of a web developer to assist you in boosting your site’s page speed. Google is very meticulous in client or visitor experience nowadays; a slow page may keep you away from prospects as well. Here is a video demonstrating how to improve page speed.

3. Be mobile responsive and use AMP

Google has decided to give a determined push to mobile. It is mobile searches that are now far exceeding desktop searches. With this, Google has its Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) mission recently launched, which additionally effects mobile loading. Being mobile responsive is important because almost everyone is using mobile phones and tablets to look for your products or services.

4. Use Power of Video

Each SEO strategy must make use of video creation and promotion. Create tutorials and other videos. They are the excellent ways to provide valuable information to prospects in a multimedia format. It is easily accessible and video is shared far more often than plain text. In adopting videos to your website, the descriptions must be keyword-rich.  Avoid keyword stuffing. Never forget to place the content title and various tags to incorporate the keyword-specific nature on your video content.

5. Leverage Voice-Responsive Assistants

Voice-responsive assistants are presently developers’ most ingenious accomplishment. To those people who are accustomed to a life on-the-go, mobile assistants are very helpful. Busy adults use them as a fast and easy searching tool while cooking, driving and relaxing. SEO experts can leverage Cortana and Siri by predicting and researching phrases that most of these people use.

This 2017, it is expected that new strategies will emerge to ensure effectiveness and better rankings to websites and businesses.

SEO Strategies

Choosing the Right San Diego SEO Agency to Work With

Choosing the right SEO agency to work with can make or break your business’s online presence. As you might already know, having a good online presence will not only promote your brand but will also influence your profits either directly or indirectly. Driving this revenue depends on the traffic to your website as well as your visibility among other factors. This is where the SEO agency comes in. So what do you look out for when hiring an SEO agency for your San Diego business so that you make the right choice?

1. Customer reviews

As with any other good business, a good SEO agency is supposed to have impeccable reviews from customers whom they have served before. Reviews will tell you, the prospective customer, what to expect from the agency that you are about to hire. Check what the customers are saying about how fast their problem was resolved, the communication between the agency’s team and them and how satisfied they were with the service. Reviews can be found on sites such as YELP.

2. They should be in Google’s good books

The best San Diego SEO agency should abide by Google’s guidelines. After all, Google is what is going to determine the well being of your business online. The agency should understand Google’s best practices to avoid penalties and poor rankings. Do not go for an agency that uses underhand methods for quick results. Algorithms soon catch up with those methods and you will be fined heavily.

3. The agency should have long term active clients

Clients keep on going back for more when they identify a good service. Therefore, you can judge how good an SEO Agency in San Diego is by looking at the number of their long term clients. Go a step further and ask the agency to link you up with one or two of these clients. You can then talk to them personally to access their opinion of the agency.

4. They should have an operating procedure in place

One very important question that you should ask every SEO agency is how exactly they are going to improve your website’s ranking. A good agency will answer this question without hesitating since they have a standard operating procedure within their company that they use. If they are not able to answer this right away, it means that they do not have an operating procedure and are likely to just fumble with your site.

5. Be legit

It goes without saying that the SEO Agency should be duly registered to operate as a business in San Diego. They should also be compliant with all the regulations.

There you have it, folks! Those are the factors that you should consider before you hire that SEO agency in San Diego.