SEO Strategies

The 5 Most Successful SEO Strategies Of 2017

Trust is the fundamental pathway to Google’s meticulous ranking process. By understanding how you can gain Google’s trust and earn a place on the first page on the search engine, you have to gain it through proper SEO strategies. Use these strategies to direct your marketing decisions this 2017.  Effective SEO strategies will bring the right results.  You not only need to earn that coveted first page listing but you need to turn that into results for your bottom line.  Here are the 5 most successful SEO strategies of 2017.

1. Market Your Content

Market your web site on authority sites like Reddit, LinkedIn and others with high traffic on the web. Google continue to focus on your content and the traffic it can drive to your website and reach your target audience.  Working with high authority sites like those can bring you direct traffic and it demonstrates that your active in your niche.  Having back links from relevant high authority sites helps your rankings as well.

2. Boost Page Speed

Use boost page speed tools such as Google’s Page Speed. You can also use GTMetrix and Varvy’s Page Speed Tool to help you improve your site’s speed. Not technically savvy? You need the assistance of a web developer to assist you in boosting your site’s page speed. Google is very meticulous in client or visitor experience nowadays; a slow page may keep you away from prospects as well. Here is a video demonstrating how to improve page speed.

3. Be mobile responsive and use AMP

Google has decided to give a determined push to mobile. It is mobile searches that are now far exceeding desktop searches. With this, Google has its Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) mission recently launched, which additionally effects mobile loading. Being mobile responsive is important because almost everyone is using mobile phones and tablets to look for your products or services.

4. Use Power of Video

Each SEO strategy must make use of video creation and promotion. Create tutorials and other videos. They are the excellent ways to provide valuable information to prospects in a multimedia format. It is easily accessible and video is shared far more often than plain text. In adopting videos to your website, the descriptions must be keyword-rich.  Avoid keyword stuffing. Never forget to place the content title and various tags to incorporate the keyword-specific nature on your video content.

5. Leverage Voice-Responsive Assistants

Voice-responsive assistants are presently developers’ most ingenious accomplishment. To those people who are accustomed to a life on-the-go, mobile assistants are very helpful. Busy adults use them as a fast and easy searching tool while cooking, driving and relaxing. SEO experts can leverage Cortana and Siri by predicting and researching phrases that most of these people use.

This 2017, it is expected that new strategies will emerge to ensure effectiveness and better rankings to websites and businesses.