SEO Strategies


One of the most challenging aspects of owning a company is drawing the attention of new clients. Nowadays, the internet makes marking easier. Everyone goes directly to Google to find what they are looking.

If you are reading this, then you are looking at marking your contractor bond company online. Here are some pointers from CSLB bond –, The key is to stand out from your competitors. Provide potential clients with that they are looking. In other words, you need to think like a client. Anybody that is seeking services, especially something as costly as a restoration, is going to do research.

Your website must have all the information and answer your client’s questions before they even have thought to ask them. Ensure that content is clear and to the point. Headings help speedy navigation to points of interest.

Stand out from the Competition

Make sure your details are all there should the client wish to contact you. Add photos of yourself and your team as potential clients fell more at ease if there is a face to fit the name.

In regards to the contract bond, highlight the value this has for the value. Remember to add that this is also referred to as a performance bond and that is in place to protect the client’s interests. Explain to them as to how money is placed upfront in an Escrow-type account that your company has no access to. This acts as a surety and type of insurance for the client.

If you do not perform the job as according to contract/specification or were unable to complete the project for whatever reason, your client can submit a claim. The calculated difference will then be reimbursed to the client by the insurance company if deemed as valid.

Unfortunately, there are many dishonest contractors who are willing to take the money knowing full well that they did not the complete task as stipulated. For example, was the house constructed in regards to the standard bylaws of construction? Can the client be assured that the contractor has done everything correctly and that his house won’t cave in on him and his family? The client will then have to pay additional funds over losses to take legal actions against the contractor if this happens.

With a contractor bond, he is protected. If you advertise your company that operates with contractors bonds from the get-go you are already showing your client that you are reliable. It also indicates that you are will take the necessary responsibility in the worst case scenario. Your client can trust you before any negotiations begin.

Ask previous clients to supply you with testimonials to support your integrity and good workmanship.